I became a massage practitioner in 2014. And, I consider it an honor to help people regain mobility, alleviate pain, and/or reduce stress. I take each client as an individual and really listen to their needs or concerns and make sure each massage is individualized just for them. I primarily do Reiki, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point therapies. My goal is to have as many tools in my toolbox as possible so that we can reach the best outcome possible. My intention for my client will always be to have them leave my office in a better physical and mental state of mind than when they arrived.


My studio space is conveniently located just outside of downtown San Luis Obispo with plenty of easy parking to make your visit completely stress free. Step inside the private rooms where you will be my only client with my full attention devoted to you and your care. A comfortable massage table welcomes you as natural light filters though the bay windows. Here you can enjoy your personalized treatment in quiet relaxation.

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Holly Lyle, Tones Skin & Massage